Where to Invest In the Real Estate in England

As the new year approaches, big plans for 2022 can give you a new feeling to get started and back on track after the year we just had. While these weren’t the easiest 12 months (2020 to 2021), a stable real estate investment could really be the change your money needs for a better 2022. But where is the best place to put your money and what can you do to take action for a financially more optimistic future in 2022? Let’s explore some areas in England where there is more potential to invest in real estate than in other places.

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East London

If we know anything about London, it is one of the best places to invest in real estate. While many are put off by the high cost of buying your first property here, there are systems out there that can help you out the hassle and move up the real estate ladder into a promising new area. Just one development in East London along the Bow River, Bow River Village is a solid investment for the future. Located in the Bromley by Bow redevelopment area, right on the river, this East London apartment complex is a sought-after location for young professionals with easy access to the center and new amenities that keep it small and clean. With many apartments under the Shared Ownership Scheme, which means you can buy a portion of the property instead of having to pay a deposit on the full value, Bow Village is a real theft, especially for first-time buyers between us.



When examining the rise in house prices over the past five years, statistics were found that Liverpool saw a home value growth of 8.45%. While this figure is less than the increase in some other cities, the outlook for growth outstrips nearly any other part of the UK. Given Liverpool’s reputation as one of the UK’s most promising areas, the rise in property values ​​is not surprising. The real estate market in Liverpool has been growing for several years. Home prices have increased by 21.19% in a decade.

The renovation contributed greatly to the strong growth of the capital, Liverpool. The city was continuously renewed in many areas. Major projects like the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter, Jennifer Project, Anfield Project, and the upcoming Liverpool Waters Project are helping revitalize the city. Not only has Liverpool shown signs of strong growth in recent years, but the city also has some of the highest capital growth projections in the UK. Property prices in the Northwest region are expected to increase by 27.3% from 2020 to 2024, according to Savills. This is a larger increase than any other UK region, including the 20.4% growth projected for the entire country. This is why UK investments in Liverpool are definitely worthwhile when looking for the best areas for property development.

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While artists and musicians still visit this corner of London, it’s the neighborhood’s recent renovation that is driving property prices soaring. Getting something fast on the Hackney Wick hotspot could be an unprecedented investment in 2022. The 2012 Olympic Park enriches this area with excellent sports facilities, landscaped areas where you can enjoy nature, and a number of restaurants and bars. These post-workout belly growls are hugely popular with young people looking for a home in the city but with a little more room to mix and balance. With some recent developments like The Refinery, life in East London should definitely be on your watchlist when your to-do list isn’t.



UK investors should view Birmingham as a hot spot for raising capital. If you want to know where to invest in high-growth property but don’t want to focus your investment in the north of England, Birmingham is a great choice. Birmingham, based in the West Midlands, saw house prices grow 14.17% in five years.

Like all cities considered the best places to buy property, Birmingham has drawn the attention of UK investors due to the constant turnover and demand from students and young professionals.  Birmingham has also seen strong growth over the past 10 years. With a 31.67% increase in value, this is higher than the growth of other real estate investment hotspots. However, when it comes to forecasting house prices, the West Midlands is expected to grow 21.7%, still a high percentage but not as impressive as the Northwest Territories.



Hove is known as the New Brighton and it is on all fronts, especially on the water. It’s an increasingly popular seaside retreat. With so many waterfront activities from jet skiing to jet skiing, it’s no wonder many tourists have decided to make it a prime spot to make real estate available through the Hove Condo. But it’s the daily sunrise yoga on the beach, vegan cafes, and cutting-edge shops that pop up all over this beach paradise, attracting a diverse community of homeowners, young entrepreneurs, and families just starting out. . So, if you are looking to invest your money in something with a big vision, as well as a variety of benefits for your life and money, one of the things to consider is Hove.

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Manchester is another major player on the UK regeneration scene, with a number of extensive redevelopment projects in the past and present. Perhaps the most famous project of recent years is Media City UK, the billion-pound program that has seen the docks of Salford Quays transformed into a vital hub for business and entertainment. Home to a number of big brands such as the BBC and ITV, Media City UK has generated a lot of interest in Manchester in recent years, which has increased the demand for property and thus contributed to the growth of house prices. Renovation plans planned for the future of the city include a new inner-city district, St. Johns, which is expected to generate further growth for Manchester as a whole. Obviously, those looking for the best place to buy an investment property shouldn’t hesitate to explore Manchester.


Real estate is always a great investment. So be smart about where to leave your deposit and take advantage of some of the new places the Southeast has to offer.


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Where to Invest In the Real Estate in England
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