Total Tax Business Accountant in High Wycombe

Total Tax Business Accountants are a leading accountants in High Wycombe, only accounting firm with personal touch. Accountants High Wycombe

Our Directors:

Maz Zaheer is the Managing Director and is the thriving force behind firm’s success. Maz Zaheer is a Post Graduate Masters in Accounting Finance from Cardiff Metropolitan University. He is an Associate Member in Practice of Chartered Management Institute and also a Member of Accounting Professional Association IAAP. 

Our Associate Director Adil Akhtar is Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) member in Practice, he covers Budget planning, Internal company audit Assistance, pensions and personal Financial planning, Our staff is very qualified and professional to manage all of your accounting requirements. .

GDPR Compliance:

Total Tax Accountants is ICO registered for all work undertaken. This gives you satisfaction that all of your work, information with us is 100% secure and compliant with ICO regulations. 


We can help you no matter whether its saving tax, increase revenue and control budgeting.

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