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The Let Property Campaign disclosure service is designed to help property landlords to disclose undeclared residential rental income.
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The Let Property Campaign provides an opportunity to residential landlords who have undeclared rental income, both from within the UK or abroad. This scheme will help you to get your tax affairs in order in a simplest way and be able to take advantage of the best possible terms i.e., lower penalties.

Unlike previous campaigns, there is no closure ‘’window’ at the moment, therefore this campaign may stay on for some time.

If you cannot afford to pay in one lump sum, you may be able to spread your tax payments via payment plan.

However, if you do not come forward and HMRC finds out about undeclared income at a later stage then it may be harder to convince HMRC that it was simply a mistake. Currently, the law permits HMRC to go back as far as 20 years and in serious cases HMRC may carry out a criminal investigation.