HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC Tax investigations may be either of full nature or just a selection part of your tax matter. 

Helping you through HMRC Tax Investigations - Total Tax Accountant


HMRC Tax Importance

HMRC tax investigations can be daunting, troublesome, stressful and expensive. It is always recommended to seek professional tax advice in such a situation. Total Tax Accountants has a proven track record of winning successful tax investigations for our clients and saving our clients thousands of revenue.

Some of the Reasons

  • HMRC receives tip off
  • Consistence mistakes in your tax returns
  • Profit / Losses fluctuate by large amount
  • Excessive refund claimed
  • Years of unprofitability
  • Profit / Loss figures do not match with your nature of trade
  • Directors paid less than market standards.
  • You do not have an accountant / tax adviser

So what are you waiting for ?

Your accountant can reduce your chances of being investigated, simply by representing your business in a professional and complaint manner. Whilst there is no guarantee that your accountant can save you from investigation but using accredited accountant services can boost your honesty in the eyes of HMRC